October 2018 Product Updates
Posted October 31st, 2018

Our goal this month is to reduce faculty administrative burden and add flexibility to the review and approval process. Please contact us if you're interested in learning more or have a suggestion!

Reducing administrative burden

What's worse than filling out a never-ending form? Losing your answers part way through? Or that feeling that you've already provided this information... six times before.

Forms are a necessary part of university business, and filling them out isn't easy. Introducing two new enhancements that make this part of university life a little bit easier.

Paginated forms

Take that never-ending form and split it up into several pages. Give form-fillers a sense of progress as they go, checking off pages they complete. Show a roadmap of where they're headed to ease any uncertainty. Skip pages that aren’t relevant to a request. Never lose an answer by saving each page as you go — you can always come back later to resume where they left off.

paginated form

Pre-filled answers

The office of record has... records of course! Let’s use those records to save faculty time. FacultyForms pre-fills forms with information it knows about faculty so they can get back to doing what they do best: instruction, research, and service.

Look for pre-filled unit, title, step, salary, percent time, begin and end date fields — more to come soon!

Adding flexibility to the approval process

Not everyone prefers using an online system to approve important requests. Or maybe an exceptional request requires special approval handling. Paper processes are extremely flexible in situations like this.

Printed form with handwritten signatures

Signature lines for paper approvals

For those exceptional requests, turn any online form into PDF for printing. The result includes signature lines for approval outside the system if that’s what you need. If someone has already approved online, the PDF says so.

Files are attached to a form

Form attach­ments

Does a form ask to attach a memo or other backup material? Upload additional PDFs as form attachments to give approvers the complete picture. Attaching files needed for review cuts down on back-and-forth communication and keeps all information together in one place.

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