September 2018 Product Updates
Posted October 31st, 2018

We're excited to announce initial support for digital forms! Please contact us if you're interested in learning more or have a suggestion.

Simple, usable forms for Universities

From the moment they’re hired until the day they retire (and sometimes beyond!), faculty fill out forms. Forms give universities oversight of critical academic personnel actions such as appointment, promotion and review. They help universities adhere to policy and comply with state and federal laws.

Using Word or PDF forms slows down these critical processes. Requiring faculty to install software creates a barrier and increases reliance on support staff. Each browser handles PDFs differently, creating support headaches. Some browsers can’t save input, forcing faculty to print their completed forms. Capturing signatures often requires printing, signing, scanning, and emailing to the next approver.

Save faculty time and stay organized by moving your forms and approval process online.

An example digital form

Introducing digital forms

Free your forms from the constraints of PDF and paper. PDF forms have limited space to explain what data you need, which leads to creative answers and time-consuming back-and-forth clarifications. Did that retiree mean the last day of work or the first day at the beach? Avoid ambiguity and simplify forms using guidance text. Pull-down menus with just the necessary options also reduces guesswork for form-fillers.

Form that skips questions that aren't relevant to the request

Not relevant? Don’t ask.

Does this sound familiar? You’re filling out a form and it asks you to “skip to section 35 if you answered yes above”. You don’t have to do that to your faculty. Give your forms enough smarts to skip questions that aren’t relevant to the request at hand. Have separate paper forms for new appointments vs. renewals? Use a single digital form with questions that adapt as faculty enter information.

Submitting a form for online review

Fits university life

FacultyForms is built to fit university culture. Academic personnel analysts within each department can fill out forms on behalf of their faculty, just as they did with paper. Reviewing the form online using workflows customized by your campus ensures that procedures are followed. The central office can see and access everything, enabling better support when questions come up.

Dean approving a form after department chair

Simple approval for faculty administrators

Approving requests is a click to view and a click to approve. Requests are automatically routed through your university’s approval chain. FacultyForms supports all of the common university roles from department chairs to provosts. Fine-tune approvals so that vice chairs or assistant deans have approval authority for certain requests. Go beyond simple email- or paper-based workflow with email notifications, correction requests, annotations, and more.

Tools for support

Supporting an online system is challenging, especially when you lack the tools to troubleshoot problems. FacultyForms tells the full story of each review through a detailed activity log. Having a record of all interaction enables support staff to where reviews are slow down. When tough issues come up, proxy as the user to see exactly what they see..

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